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UCSF Continuing Medical Education offers a variety of live and web-based educational opportunities. We invite you to review our catalog of eLearning offerings below.  Visit the UCSF CME Calendar for more information on our live conferences.
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UCSF Interprofessional Addiction Conference 2022
The 3rd Annual UCSF Interprofessional Addiction Conference aims to increase the core competency of medical teams in the inpatient and outpatient settings to improve care for patients who use drugs. There is a significant gap between need and ability...
Start: 06/16/2022
End: 06/17/2022
Location: UCSF Cole Hall at Parnassus San Francisco, CA 94117 US
Annual Current Issues in Anatomic Pathology
Start: 05/26/2022
End: 11/04/2022
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Date: 12/31/9999 11:59 PM
Stress and Cigarette Smoking among Black and Latinx Adults with Psychiatric Disorders
Expiration Date: 07/01/2024
What Works: Developing Effective Partnerships to Treat Tobacco Addiction in Behavioral Health Settings
Expiration Date: 07/01/2024
Advanced Management of Diabetes - Full Curriculum
Expiration Date: 03/31/2024
Leveraging Quitlines for Tobacco Cessation: Real-World Implementation
Expiration Date: 07/01/2024
Tobacco Use Behavior among Race and Ethnic Populations
Expiration Date: 07/01/2024
Enhancing Recovery by Addressing Smoking During Addiction Treatment
Expiration Date: 07/01/2024
Pharmacists Prescribing for Tobacco Cessation Medications
Expiration Date: 07/01/2024
Power of Data in Advancing Equitable Tobacco Outcomes – co-hosted with National Behavioral Health Network (NBHN)
Expiration Date: 07/01/2024
UCSF Emotional Wellbeing Webinar Series
Expiration Date: 07/31/2024
Smoking Cessation Leadership Center Recorded Webinars Collection D
Expiration Date: 07/01/2023
E-Cigarettes and Smoking Cessation: An Update for Clinicians
Expiration Date: 07/01/2023
Improving Tobacco Cessation with Adult Inpatient Psychiatric Clients
Expiration Date: 07/01/2023
Sexual Assault Forensic Examiner Recruitment and Retention (SAFERR)
Expiration Date: 05/31/2024
Tobacco Product Use and COVID-19: An Overview of the Science and Public Health Implications
Expiration Date: 07/01/2023
Unboxing IQOS: History, Risk Perceptions, and Clinical Implications
Expiration Date: 07/01/2023
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